DAZ Studio 3 Advanced & DAZ Studio 3 Free Are Out

DAZ Studio Advanced is out. As always, you also have a FREE edition of DAZ Studio 3, but now there's also a PRO option available.

If you don't know what DAZ Studio is, check this article. It will tell you about what are DAZ, DAZ Studio, Carrara and other things that have to do with creating 3D art with your computer.

Packed with must-have features for the serious 3D artist, this brand-new edition of DAZ Studio provides high-end tools and features with extended export capabilities and greater compatibility with its big brother, Carrara.

Create 3D Art for Free

In the page of DAZ Studio you can check the many new features added, just checking the "New Features" section in the menu on the left, that includes videos. Also, on "Feature List" you can view each edition compared (the old version 2, the new free version 3, and the PRO 3 version).

DAZ Studio 3 Advanced

For developers, the SDK is free for both versions, which is great if you want to code your own plugins.

There are many new features, most of them about rendering improvements, like light gels, caustics, shader mixers... they will be valued by the pros, but there's also great features for users of all levels, like the Figure Mixer, that allows you to mix the features of different figures.

Visit DAZ Studio and DAZ Studio Advanced web pages.

DAZ Studio Advanced is only $97.47 until the 15th of July. Its normal price is $ 149.95. But Platinum Members can get it for just $52.49.

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