Build Games And Sceneries With DeleD 3D Editor

DeleD 3D Editor is a complete solution to create 3D sceneries and game levels that includes all kinds of tools for this: modeler, level designer, materials editor...

It has a LITE free version that lacks of the big library of the paid versions (that are quite affordable) but may give you an idea on how it is. Also, there are downloadable resources, and anything you create with DeleD 3D Editor can be used for commercial or personal things, no matter if you use the LITE or the PRO version.


Go there and check the examples:

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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Omind said...

In addition, the free version has plug-ins that will export to .3ds, .obj, .x and collada. With a good converting program like Accutrans, you can use your maps & models anywhere.

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