Anim8or: Free 3D Modeler And Animator

Anim8or is the free 3D modeler for Windows created by R. Steven Glanville. Its main virtues: simplicity and control.

Anim8or is a great 3D modeler. It is very easy to learn to use it. There are thousands of pages with tutorials, and gives you a complete control of points, edges and faces.

anim8or free 3d modeler freeware for 3d modeling texturing and animation

It can create models, articulate them with bones, and create animations.

Building with box modeling technique or making faces one by one becomes very fast with it.

Produces smooth surfaces, creating materials is easy, exports to obj and 3ds... All operations can be locked to the x,z, and y axis just clicking a button, so you don't perform that action in a direction that you don't like.

While the author says "is far from a complete professional level application like 3DStudio MAX or Lightwave", (or Blender, that is free) I think that is a big virtue of Anim8or. This depends on your choice.
If you're gonna build computer films, complete games with physics and all that, then choose Blender or the other commercial alternatives.

But if you want to build 3D models for games and internet, that must be low-poly but with a nice appearance, then Anim8or may be for you.

Just have a look at what things people created in the Gallery.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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