TrueSpace Disappears

Caligari TrueSpace 7.6 was offered as a freeware some time ago. Now, Microsoft is reducing costs on many services, and TrueSpace is one of the victims of the crisis.

Bruce Lehmann, owner and main administrator of our community of worldbuilders ( WBandD ), has just published the news. Read it here.

Read carefully if you like TrueSpace and try to save as much as you need, because the Caligary TrueSpace website itself may disappear. If you didn't, this is your last opportunity to get this great modeler for free.

In the last times, there are lots of free products that were part of the projects of big companies that are disappearing. Google and Yahoo have canceled some of their services too.

Is this a preventive act, or is this due to a real need for reducing costs?

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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