Shapeways' News: Print Your 3D Models In 3 New Colors

Now you can print your models in 3D with colored materials with Shapeways in 3 colors.

3d printing in colors shapeways

Shapeways is now able to print your 3D models in 3 colors: Limestone, Terracotta, or Blue Jeans Blue.

With the cool, naturalistic feel of limestone, the contemporary vibe of denim and the heat and sophistication of terracotta, the look and feel of these colored models skillfully mimic the material they are inspired by.

 3d models printing in colors shapeways

The new materials are based on the White, Strong and Flexible material, which is the most popular on Shapeways. These colored objects will have the same quality in composition that customers have come to expect and love from Shapeways printed objects.

To create these models, Shapeways dyes the materials. This is an intensive manual approach which consists of deeply cleaning the printed parts, heating them in a bath of nylon dye, followed by another thorough cleansing of the now-colored objects. This process allows for a deep, intense color that will stand the test of time.

You can read more about the dying process here.

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