Shapeways: Create Your Metal Cufflinks In 3D

Shapeways has just introduced the first DIY 3D printed customizable metal cufflinks.  With the new, free, and easy-to-use Shapeways Cufflink Creator, users simply enter text and select the style of their choice to create a one of a kind metal cufflink set.

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These elegant accessories are produced with the latest in 3D Rapid Prototyping technology and offer one of a kind design with substantial depth to give the cufflinks a high-end look for a relatively low-end price. The new Shapeways Cufflink Creator offers many styles and finishes to choose from and make the perfect gift for that special someone.

"The new Cufflink Creator is another way of making 3D printing in metal available to everyone. Through Shapeways it is now possible for everyone to make custom and personalized items in metal with easy to use technology.
We are the first to implement 3D printing as a groundbreaking service for every day life applications to get consumers acquainted with the world of possibilities that custom production offers."

- Peter Weijmarshausen, CEO of Shapeways.

To create your own 3D-printed cufflink with Shapeways Cufflink Creator go to and click the main banner to go to the Custom Cufflink Creator. 
Simply select one of the nine styles, type-in desired initials and order your personal cufflinks.  The price for a pair of nicely boxed Custom Cufflinks is $49.00 (incl. shipping and VAT). May 26, 2009 is the last date to order to be received by Father’s Day.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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