Rocking The Metaverse: The 1st Crossworld Music Tour

Koinup is proud to announce “Rocking the Metaverse” , the 1st Crossworld Music Tour powered by Koinup and sponsored by Koinup, Reaction Grid, Twinity, Orange Island, Metaplace.

Rocking the Metaverse is the first multiworld music show, aimed at bringing live music in the most important virtual worlds, particolarly: Second Life, Opensim (Reaction Grid), Metaplace, Twinity.

4 Musicians and a few Artists will cross the most important metaverse platforms, performing live and making live shows for the enjoyment of the virtual worlds members.

The first date is scheduled for the 19th of may at the Orange Island, one of the most important cultural venue in Second Life. Then the tour will move to Open Sims, the opensource metaverse platform, where the musicians will have the opportunity to perform at the Reaction Grid.

Once left both Opensims and Second Life, musicians will move again for a series of dates in Twinity and Metaplace. Both Twinity and Metaplace are raising the bar of the metaverse environment, providing users with innovative amazing features to enjoy and express themselves.

Rocking the Metaverse mission is to support and power the music culture in virtual worlds, offering musicians a new way to engage the audience and new stage to show off.

All the people that would love to be part of the the project (and leave their feedback) are invited to join the Rocking the Metaverse group on Koinup.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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