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Kambi VRML Engine Improvements

Kambi VRML Game Engine continues improving, and the new features are now available through nightly builds. They include 3D textures, new extensions for VRML/X3D worlds that provide projective textures and shadow maps, hardware occlusion query for very large scene rendering, and more.

vrml shadow maps

Second Life News

Second Life has published a PDF book that is a quickstart guide to this virtual world. You can download it for free. Also have a look to ours, and the cheatsheet that we published.

Also, some informations have appeared saying that Second Life will expand their support for social media services.

Myrl News

Myrl published this news about the interconnectivity between Second Life and Metaplace, through a an instant messaging and two-way chat bridge.

Enter The COLLADA Contest And Win $5,000

You have up to July 15 to take part in a contest for COLLADA developers, organized by the Khronos Group and the Media Grid Immersive Education Initiative. The Content will consist of a 3D model, avatar, world or simulation specifically geared toward virtual worlds and deployable in Immersive Education platforms.  There are no entry fees.

collada 3d format contest

Project Eden Game And Framework Development Competition

Project Eden invites all Python developers, the Panda 3D community and everyone else (because Eden is so easy to use) to develop and submit entries for the first ever Eden3D Games Competition.
Your game must use Eden’s MVC structure, inherit from one of Eden’s super-classes, and include a menu made via the Eden2D Menu2D class.  The best game gets $120, and the best extension gets $100. Read more here.

3DXplorer News

If you are on LinkedIn and are user of 3DXplorer, now there's a group for you in LinkedIn. Go and join.
3DXplorer continues growing without limits, and each day it is the preferred platform for big institutions, businesses, and developers.


Bonzai3D is a new modeling tool that is easy and robust, and very similar to Google Sketchup. You can check a flash video of how it works.

Koinup News

An interesting group for machinima and photographers of virtual worlds in Koinup has been created. It is called "With Shadow", and is for learning how to add shadows to your images.

Also, the winners of the first Second Life comics have been announced. Don't miss them.

Vivaty News

Vivaty has changed the UI of their application and now it is much more easy to use, and also has added text triggers for gestures (so when you say something the avatar plays a gesture).
User profiles have also changed and now they have a more appealing look and more information.

vivaty 3d social virtual worlds x3d

Web3D News

MeshLab an open source, portable, and extensible system for the processing and editing of unstructured 3D triangular meshes has added X3D import and export and VRML import support.

The annual Web3D Symposium is a major event, which unites researchers, developers, experimenters, and content creators in a dynamic learning environment. Attendees share and explore methods of using, enhancing, and creating new 3D web and multimedia technologies, such as X3D, VRML, COLLADA, Croquet, MPEG4, Java3D, and Canvas3D. This year, it will take place in Germany.

The new version of Octaga Player is out, and it's now capable of displaying more than 30 million polygons with the same performance. Octaga Player is free for personal use only. A GoPro version is available for only 49€.

Irish Space

In the early days of VRML a group of volunteers from across the world met every day and night online for three and half months to create the world's first virtual reality epic. The IrishSpace project succeeded as it was premiered to the world at the first Irish National Space Exhibition. It was shown to Astronaut Neil Armstrong and the Irish Deputy Prime Minister.
This is Volume One of a four volume rendering of that tale and work into video. See more in Len Bullard's Blog    or his video channel.


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