News Machine Gun: Francesco D'Orazio At METAMEETS Video, Chrome 2.0, Blender Film, Eden, Vivaty...

Francesco D'Orazio In METAMEETS 09
Here you can watch the presentation Francesco D’Orazio (Myrl's Founder and CEO) did about the patterns and challenges in the evolution of immersive entertainment, virtual worlds and the 3D Web, with the controversial title of "EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT VIRTUAL WORLDS IS WRONG". You can go and comment here.

Chrome 2.0
Google Chrome has reached version 2.0 and is out of beta.  It is a very fast browser. Although Firefox has lots of more features, Chrome is good as a secondary lightweight browser, for example when running other applications that take many resources like Second Life.

Blender Third Short 3D Animation Film
Blender's third short 3D animation film will be based on a scenario of renowned author Martin Lodewijk. The film - financed via internet and realized with open source software - will be distributed freely.

FunTrench Eden
Funtrench's Eden's next version will incorporate Open Dynamics Engine(ODE) as the physics engine replacing the Panda physics engine. Watch their blog closely for details.

Vivaty News
Vivaty has lots of new features: you can now go shopping for lots of new objects, and send gift to friends. They also added an actions menu that will make easier to execute gestures and dances. In addition, Vivaty is now compatible with Internet Explorer 8.0.

Voice, Skype And Second Life
You may find interesting to read this article about the plans of Second Life about voice and voice calls.

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