Murcia (Spain) VRML Sceneries Of High Quality

Accidentally, I found some screenshots in Flickr that shown some virtual sceneries made with VRML. This made me search for the author of these 3D worlds, and I found Grita Internet, a Spanish agency that designs virtual environments in this language.


They have built a big series of sceneries for the government of Murcia (Spain), and all are listed here. They are small but very immersive, with photorealistic textures.


You can visit them all for free using a plugin that supports VRML, like for example Vivaty or Cortona, that runs in Chrome.


For some reason, Cortona in Firefox has problems with these sceneries, but runs fine in Chrome. Of course, you can also use Blaxxun in Internet Explorer.


So install a VRML plugin, and visit them here.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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