Create Your Facebook 3D Scene In Minutes With SceneCaster's 3D Scenes

SceneCaster has released a new application for Facebook that makes very easy to build a 3D scene in minutes.

scenecaster my 3d scenes free1My 3D scene in Facebook with SceneCaster   

There are free templates and premium ones. You can use your photos to create your personalized 3D Scenes for free. Or, choose from our premium 3D Scenes and add your favorite YouTube videos too.

scenecaster my 3d scenes free4You can place fotos of your family, Facebook friends or anything

You can add pics from your profile, or the photos of your friends, or if you have some photo-album in Facebook, the photos or screenshots from those albums.

scenecaster my 3d scenes free2

The process of creating a scene just takes some minutes. The scenes are 360ยบ panoramas in which you can pan and zoom.

A very cool add-on for your Facebook profile. You can see the scenes and create your own here:

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