Advanced Library for Poser: Useful Freeware For Poser

If you're a Poser user you may know that its library of models can become a complete mess and a torture for you. Advanced Library is a freeware application that solves this problem.

When you use Poser, all your models, hairs, poses and other things are saved to folders inside the Runtime folder of this application. Every time that you purchase a new piece of content for Poser, it is installed inside the Runtime.

As names of folders must be unique, so none of your files gets overwritten, every vendor names that folder with their business name. Others use weird names to ensure that no one uses the same.

The result is a complete mess, and a library of models where no one can find anything.

Fortunately, Andreas Beckh has developed Advanced Library.

advanced library for poser

It allows you to build your own library for Poser. The beta versions also support DAZ Studio. Using Advanced Library, you can define folders with understandable names and link them to where your models are.

To use it, you just install it, and a script. Open Poser, run the script, and run the gallery, and start building your own library.

Check this wonderful software, that will speed up your work with Poser:

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