22 Selected Netbeans Module Tutorials

Here's a list of Netbeans tutorials, that where done in the previous months or years, and are still of value, specially when dealing with language support and module development.

Integrate a new file type 
Define new languages 

Make new file templates 

Code completion: 

Intro to Schliemann

Schliemann on Schliemann

Syntax Highlighting 

Schliemann for Non Programmers

Communicate between your module and NB IDE

Feed Reader tutorial: 

When to use a library wrapper module or package the library

Module suite example with Google toolbar 

Menu items and toolbar buttons

Paletters of code HTML 

Prolog Schliemann tutorial 

When to use library wrapper module 

Netbeans Dev FAQ: 

Porting apps to a module 

Intro to Schliemann 2 

Create and Import a JavaBean 

CVS On Netbeans 

Linux & JavaFX Tooling in NetBeans IDE 

And finally, this is a tutorials blog that may cover other practices and quick tutorials that the author had the generosity to share with us:


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