Some Quick News: 3DXplorer's Survey, Kambi Supports Multitexturing In X3D, Win L$50,000 With Koinup

3DXplorer's Study on Enterprise Immersive Internet For Business

3dxplorer is sponsoring a new survey called "Enterprise Immersive Internet Business Value Study" conducted by ThinkBalm, focused on work-related use of virtual worlds and campuses, immersive learning environments, and 3D business applications.

The survey is focused to those who use 3DXplorer for work or business. The study will be published in mid-May 2009. The report will be freely available on If this is your case, take the survey here.

Kambi Now Supports X3D Multi-Texture and Cube Maps

I'm very surprised of the advancements of Kambi VRML Game Engine (remember the interview to its creator?).

kambi vrml x3d game engine

These are some of the new features that Michalis Kamburelis has added (still only available in SVN, will be added to the next stable):

  • X3D multi-texturing.
  • X3D cube map nodes.
  • Generating textures on the fly.
  • Added texture generation modes "WORLDSPACEREFLECTIONVECTOR" and "WORLDSPACENORMAL" (analogous to X3D standard modes in CAMERA space) to make simulating real reflections trivial.
  • Cool new feature in view3dscene to catch a "screenshot" of 3D world around you as a cube map (DDS, or six separate normal images).

metaLIFE Contest On Koinup

The group metaLIFE on Koinup is launching a contest about Shopping Experiences in Second Life. 
If you want to take part, create some art about shopping in SL, and you may win over L$ 50,000 in Prizes! Read more on the metaLIFE group.

All contest entries must be received from April 10, 2009 to May 14, 2009

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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