Solipsis: Free Platform For Massive P2P Virtual Worlds

Solipsis is a free P2P platform for virtual worlds that can support a massive number of users online.


Here in Hiperia3D News we have introduced other similar platforms. For example, remember VastPark, which recently launched their player application, or Cobalt, based on Croquet, and RealXtend, which is similar to Second Life.

Its aim is:

"Create a public, massively-shared and user-generated unbound digital universe, sustained by a dedicated Peer-to-Peer protocol, with a modern day rendering engine and some great and accessible 3D modelling tools.
In other words: a decentralized Metaverse platform." -Solipsis site.

Most of the code of Solipsis is LGPL, thus suitable for personal AND commercial developments. This is: completely free for all, as long as you report possible enhancements of the core of the application. You can integrate it and use it in a bigger app.

Solipsis us es technologies like OGRE for rendering and LUA for scripting, and Tokamak and ODE for physics. It supports voice chat.

Avatars and worlds are created with your 3D modeler and then exported in OGRE format. For example, you can use Unwrap 3D (remember the article about LithUnwrap) to import it from another format and export to OGRE.

If you are curious about Solipsis, install it, test it and come to the gathering that will take place on The Space Station of Solipsis on April 22, 2009. Read the article here (in French).

Some resources that you may value are:

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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