Orbita Mouse: Scroll Endlessly

The Orbita Mouse is a very original and revolutionary concept of computer input device, that has some advantages for 3D.

orbita 3d mouse 2

This device is handled this way: you can move the cursor the same way as with a traditional mouse, and squeeze it for right click, or push any part of the Orbita to make a left click. You can also spin the Orbita Mouse to scroll web pages, as the wheel in conventional mouses.

As the mouse is round, it uses a configurable compass to know where is it facing.

orbita 3d mouse

The difference with the wheel of a normal mouse is that the scrolling can be endless and continuous, and smoother.

For 3D applications, the Orbita can provide true 3D rotation by combining normal mouse movement with the additional rotation axis.

I have chosen this video because it illustrates how it works on 3D applications, games, music edition, and many more.

It can be purchased in Amazon. It is available at our Amazon Store, that has other high technology products as amazing as this one.

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