News Machine Gun: Twinity Games Lounge, Oddesey Re-Born, Torley Videos, And More!

Twinity Launches New Gaming Lounge Today !!!

Twinity opens B-Zone, a new 3D gaming lounge inside their virtual world.

Situated at Alexanderplatz in virtual Berlin, it's the perfect place for online games aficionados to hang out and meet likeminded Twinizens at regular Bigpoint events and parties, swap gaming tricks and tips, and immerse themselves in the fascinating world of their favorite game.

Hurry up! There's an inauguration party running!

twinity 3d games lounge

Torley's Video: Ways To Create New Clothes

Instructional video by Torley Linden in which he tells us 2 ways to create new clothes for Second Life.

Google's O3D, and Mozilla Khronos 

If you are not still tired with this week's news about O3D, X3D, Mozilla Khronos, and all that, you can still enjoy more stuff, like this article:
Google joins effort for 3D Web standard with new plugin, API - Ars Technica

In which you can read that "Google's O3D API takes a different approach and is not directly compatible with Mozilla's plugin". So if this continues this way, we will have 2 very similar technologies with a different and incompatible approach. So this may end in 2 very similar standards or directly in confrontation of standards.

Also, if you want to keep on reading and discussing about VRML, X3D, O3D and so on, join the polemic here: Google tries jump-starting 3D Web with O3D | Webware - CNET 

Also, have a look to the related project: Canvas 3d JS Library » What is C3DL?

Cooliris: Browse YouTube And Flickr In 3D

Cooliris is an add-on for Firefox that allows you to browse images and videos of many popular web services in 3D. A new release has been launched recently. Cooliris - Download

cooliris view photos in 3d  flickr youtube

Oddessey Re-Born

Oddessey, one of the most popular Blaxxun-based VRML communities, is back online, and is now based on the BS Contact platform. Bruce Lehmann, founder of WBandD, reviews the changes here: Oddessey Re-Born - WBandD

 blaxxun vrml community 3d chat oddessey reborn


DAZ Studio Now Supports Dynamic Clothing

DAZ Studio now supports dynamic clothing, that are clothes that react to gravity and wind when posed in a render. The new dynamic clothes are easy to pose.

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