New Poll: User Feedback Poll For Hiperia3D News

The new poll for Hiperia3D News is a feedback poll. So if you're a regular reader, cast your opinion, that is highly valued.

The reason to do this poll is because I am thinking in adding some new regular contents to this site, and I want to know your interest in some of them.

These are the options and what they mean:

  • Tech tips and tricks: A series of articles telling tips and tricks for computers. Not the geeky type, but pragmatic tips, to get things done. From tutorials to optimize your PC to programs that may be interesting for the advanced PC user.
  • Course of VRML/X3D: A course to introduce you to this language, with examples.
  • Worldbuilding tips: Tips not related to a specific technology that tell you how to do some things when building 3D worlds.
  • Cheatsheets: Check this option if you want more cheatsheets like this.
  • Developer Articles: Check this if you want more articles focused to virtual worlds developers.

You can check all the cases if you like them all. Also, feel free to suggest more content types, or to express your liking for something that is already present in Hiperia3D News.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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Taranis said...

Hello Jordi,

I did vote here, very simple :)
May I ask you and your readers to vote for my graphic design out there for the Dark Dog contest (sorry to buzz):

A 3D party is coming on Outside too, stay tuned :)

Thanks anyway for this blog always interesting to read : a source to learn from too.

Jordi R Cardona said...

Let's make an exception, coming from a worldbuilder like you! That's a cool design, Taranis.

Seems that cheatsheets and worldbuilding tips are going well in the poll.

Tell me when the party in Outside date is decided. I will try to go and announce it here.

And thanks for your kind comment!

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