Cheap Soft: Create 2D Sprites From 3D Models With SpriteForge

This is a cheap software ($18) that can create 2d sprites from your 3d models.

And you may ask, why do you need 2D sprites? For example, for Flash games. Suppose that you have many 3D models, and someone asks you to create some flash game graphics. You can use SpriteForge to generate them from your 3D models, so you get that job done almost instantly.

Also, you can recycle your 3d models to use them as 2D Avatars in forums or social sites. Maybe pack them to sell them, or use them as icons or favicons for your sites.

create 2d sprites from 3d models

You can also add an outline and adjust many settings, although the default options generate great results. The application is very simple.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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