Balsamiq Mockups: Sketch Your Software And Projects

Balsamiq Mockups is an application that is specially good to create drafts of things like a software application, a website,  or anything.


Balsamiq Mockups is an standalone application that can be run offline, and runs on Mac, Windows and Linux, being completely cross-platform.

It has outstanding features for the creation of mockups, as you can read here. Includes more than 75 controls already made to include in your drafts, and if you need more, you can go here  and get many more that were done by users of the application.

The application is rather cheap: $79, and is free for opensource developers, journalists and bloggers.


If you are a software developer or a website designer, this application can speed up your work enormously, and you will save a fortune on paper.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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