30% Discount On Filter Forge (Seamless Texture Generator)

Filter Forge is offering a 30% discount on all their editions. Get it now and build hundreds of seamless textures of high quality for all your 3D models.

Filter Forge  is an application that works as a VERY HUGE library of filters and texture generators. This means that it has two kinds of filters:

  • Hundreds of image effects that can be applied to your images


  • Hundreds of texture generators

With these generators, you can get steel textures, concrete, walls, metals, and even shapes like Easter eggs, map height-fields, planets... With the filters, you can retouch your images and add all kinds of effects easily.

filterforge2A planet generated with Filter Forge 

filterforge3 A filter applied to an image that makes it grunge, with Filter Forge 

The program is ridiculously easy to use. And you get more than 5,900 filters for free, and also all the new ones that appear constantly.

To explain it better: you buy the program that stores and uses the filters, but all the available filters (near 6,000) and future filters are... FREE !!!

And the most important: ALL the textures generated with Filter Forge  are seamless, with no borders. This is very important for 3D models, games, and virtual worlds. I remember that I spend days and weeks making my textures seamless before having this application.

I bought Filter Forge some time ago when one of these offers was active. Now you can do the same and purchase this great application with a 30% discount. Thus, the price of the different editions is the following:

  • Basic $69
  • Standard $139
  • Professional $209

The difference between them is simple to explain:

Basic: You can download and use all the filters. Maximum image size is 3000x3000. You can do variations of a filter (custom settings for a filter) and save them.

Standard: The same as the Basic, plus: you can modify the filters themselves, and create you own filters.

Professional: The same as Standard, plus: create images up to 65,000x65,000 pixels, create bump maps, diffuse, normal and other maps, and other many features.

You can buy any of these editions of Filter Forge  and later upgrade to a higher edition.

filterforge1Leather seat texture generated by Filter Forge 

What Edition Should I choose?

If you're not sure, you can buy the Basic and upgrade it when you wish.

If you go and try the demo, maybe you like the creation process for building your own filters. Then grab the Standard, and consider a future upgrade for a Professional.

If you want bump maps, diffuse, and other maps automatically generated, and need very big images, or need the other features, then the Professional is for you.

I bought the Basic edition, and I plan to upgrade to Standard in a future. For now I don't need the others, because I use Filter Forge for worlds hosted on the web, and 3D models, and 3000x3000 is enough.

Just decide depending on your needs, but don't lose this opportunity.

Go to Filter Forge's site

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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