VastPark: Free Platform For Virtual Worlds, Player Available

VastPark has released their first version for their Player. VastPark is a free (and in most of their products also open source) platform for virtual worlds.

The server, the player, the SDK, the applications for creating worlds are free. There is plenty of documentation and the scripting language they use (called IMML, and with XML syntax) looks easy to use.

Download it all here:

It is free for commercial purposes too. Read it here. In a future, there will be Premium versions for all their software, with added functions for enterprise and institutional use. It is also possible that they will offer services such as storage and content delivery.

So now VastPark joins the list of modern virtual worlds platforms that are available for free even for commercial purposes, as Croquet, Cobalt, and RealXtend, that I covered recently.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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