News Machine Gun: Vivaty For Firefox, 3DXplorer 4.04, Video Tuts For SL, Twinity Improvements, And Candies

Vivaty Now On Firefox
A Vivaty add-on is now available for Firefox. As said in Vivaty Blog, you install it and then you can enter Vivaty, send gifts, edit your avatar, etc from your browser, no matter where in Internet you are. Go and grab the plugin here:

vivaty firefox addon

3DXplorer 4.04 has come with lots of new features, that you can read here. Let's highlight some: load time reduced (including progressive loading), save your av login, interconnected 3D spaces that require no more login.

Also, the Online Meeting application has added a planning feature to manage meetings, and now you can create an URL that will only be valid for the meeting time, that may or not be password protected. Also added planned meetings, and meeting history.

To use the new release you don’t need to do anything. 3DXplorer is plugin-less.

Video Tutorials For Second Life
David Miller, Second Life Generalist and multimedia developer, has published a series of video tutorials for building in Second Life in the AVW. You can check the videos in his website too: 
These tutorials also cover things like filming inside SL and optimization of the client software, like this:

Find more videos like this on Association of Virtual Worlds

Twinity Improves Their Features
Twinity has added the possibility of sending postcards from inworld, and also improved lighting, the voice chat, the help and tips system, location loading performance and many bugs where fixed.

3D Printing In Candies
This is not really a news, but a finding. Here's a way to use 3D printing for something sweet:

candies candy 3d printingMmmm, so sweet 3D... Photo by Oskay.

Twitter Groups For Virtual Worlds
A Twitter Group for Metaverse has been created.

The purpose of this group is being a simple way to find other people on Twitter with interest for the following:

"For people interested in creative, mixed-reality, social web, video game, virtual world, mapping, simulation, or 3D projects. Topics: virtual worlds, multiplayer online gaming, serious games, virtual goods, mirror worlds, virtual reality, augmented reality, alternate reality games, ARG, MMORPG, MMO, PMOG, Sony PlayStation Home, PS3 Home beta, Xbox Live, Nintendo Wii Miis, LittleBigPlanet, OpenSim, Unity3D, Just Leap In, There, Habbo, Gaia Online, Sims, Spore, machinima, etc." (Explained in Metaverse Twitter Group)

And if you want another virtual-worlds-related group, also check this other:

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