Altadyn Develops Virtual Spaces For The Federal Consortium For Virtual Worlds

Altadyn, the company that develops 3DXplorer, the plugin-less platform for 3D meetings and virtual worlds, is becoming the main choice for businesses, and now also for government and institutions.

fcvw 3dxplorer fdederal consortium of virtual worlds meeting

The Federal Consortium for Virtual Worlds (FCVW), a group sponsored by the National Defense University (NDU)’s Information Resources Management College (IRMC), went live with 3DXplorer Meet-in-3D application last month.

This way the Consortium has set up a conference room for webinars, using 3DXplorer Online Meeting application. 

You can check the virtual spaces that 3DXplorer did for the FXVW here.

To read more about FCVW’s experience with 3DXplorer, go to FCVW’s home page, or here.

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