Alltop 3.0: The Best Of The Web

Version 3.0 of Alltop is out today, and adds the ability for people to create
custom collections of Alltop feeds, called  MyAlltop

The websites that appear on Alltop are selected on quality criteria by hand. Hiperia3D News has the honor of being showcased in the 3D section (and also in the virtual worlds category), in a very prominent place.

Every custom MyAlltop collection is a public page. So its main value is that you can share this page with your friends, and use it as a shared news reader.

You can create as many accounts as you like, for example, one for personal
use and one for your site.

Check the page of Hiperia3D News for Alltop:

If you own a website, organization, business or any project, or you are a freelance professional, I recommend you to join Alltop and grab your account now, to be sure that no one takes your name in the future.

And if you do that, add Hiperia3D feed to yours!

Stay tuned to the exciting features that this project will have in the future.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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