4 Free VRML PROTOs Resources

Using the PROTO construct, VRML can be extended using the native nodes to create others. These 4 resources for VRML PROTOs are some of the good sources that are still available in Internet. They could be easily converted to X3D in classical vrml encoding (x3dv).

Endoframe:Branden McDaniel, the programmer that develops OpenVRML, an open source cross-platform C++ library for reading, writing, and displaying VRML97. There are some surprising things, like an InterpolatorInterpolator.

VRMLWorlds PROTOs: Trees, HUDs, and others. There are also good tutorials on how to make PROTOs, from the simpler to the most complex.

Thomas Kolenda VRML Protos: Two PROTOs that are a good base to build windows and frames for controls, simulating the basic structure of an application window in 3d.

Roland's VRML Site: Gradients and lensflare effects.

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