The VRML Works

Bob Crispen is the author of The VRML Works. This is an huge portal that is really worth reading, as he recopilated a big amount of tutorials, historical information, etc about VRML.

"The sacred head of Bob"

The tutorials about VRML Scripts that Crispen wrote are simply excellent to understand the basics of the scripting mechanisms in that language. In addition, Bob Crispen has a very good sense of humor that appears in most of his documents and tutorials.

Bob Crispen maintains the VRML FAQ at the comp.lang.vrml USENet group, and his contribution through The VRML Works has been enormous.

Although many of the links are dead, it is a must-see for all those curious about the story of VRML, what is the concept of cyberspace, etc, and has links to some good resources that are still alive.

If you still use VRML or are interested in knowing the beginning of all this Web3D adventure, The VRML Works is still your place.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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