The Upcoming Episode Of Life On Line

Life On Line will launch their new episode on March 1. This is what our partner says that you'll see in this chapter:

"Holograms, the trouble with Twitter, Twinity machinima contest, Australian bushfires plus more music and news – Life On Line, March 1st.

Steve Cropper’s interview guests include co-founder of the virtual world Twinity, Jeremy Snyder, about the exciting new gothic machinima contest there and plans for more virtual cities to be released onto the internet in 2009.

Social Networks guru Andrew Peters looks at the changing face of Twitter and reports on US Military plans to use holograms to keep service personnel in touch with their families while stationed overseas.

Newsman Sigmund Leominster reports on a new virtual world, based on European Football, how Manchester Business School is using virtual worlds to train their senior executives, how Everquest can trigger depression - and the safest way to experience the running of the bulls in Spain - virtually.

On a more serious note, we take a look at a moving tribute in music and pictures by some Second Lifers to the victims of the devastating bush fires in Australia with their song, 'Too Many Tears'.

And American singer/song writer Dann Russo performs 'Parking Lot Kings'."

Remember that you can watch Life On Line from our right sidebar, and that it automatically updates when the new chapters are online.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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