News Machine Gun: Chrome For Mac, AR, CityPixel, SmallWorlds In Facebook, and more

Google Chrome For Mac
Google Chrome will be soon available for Mac. Read it here.

Hiperia3D News Partners With Koinup
Hiperia3D News partnered with Koinup to offer you the best machinima videos. Read it here. Here's a very fun machinima as an example:

<a href="">Clickaholic Gag Movie</a> - a <a href="">Second Life Machinima</a> by <a href="">HIROZA</a> on <a href="">Koinup</a>

Augmented Reality
AnnieOK features the works of the label AntiVJ in her site. Here's one of the  videos, as an example. Read the full article and watch the rest here.

3D For Learning And Meetings
Gaby K. Benkwitz has published two interesting articles, about the advantages of 3D for learning and for virtual meetings. Both are worth reading, if you're considering these.

SmallWorlds In Facebook
Worlds In Motion recently announced that SmallWorlds is now embeddable in Facebook. Read it here.

CityPixel: Visit Pixel York
If you like pixel art, Worlds In Motion reviews CityPixel, a replica of a big town made in mixel art, that is also a social virtual world, with a very neat appearance. It also has a Facebook application, as you can read here. You can have a look without having to register.

citypixel pixel art

Taranis Back Online
Taranis VRML worlds are back online. Check it in WBandD. taranis vrml worlds

OpenLife Grid Client
Now, to visit OpenLife, you must use the standard viewer, and not others. Download it here.

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