New Contents: Machinima. Send Your Suggestions.

As the presence of machinima movies between virtual worlds and 3D fan is enormous, Hiperia3D News will feature machinima videos that reach a decent quality.

For those who don't know, machinima are, in simple words, animation videos that use game characters, 3d models or virtual world avatars as actors. A plot is not always present, but most of them have elaborated stories behind them.

The tools used to make them are varied, sometimes the tools are provided by the built-in video recorders of these games or virtual worlds, and later editing the video adding music or sounds and voice.

A machinima can be built by a single person or a team.

Feel free to suggest your favorite machinima videos in Hiperia3D News to this email:

Here I show you the first featured machinima video. Let's start with a little of pure action, that will prepare you to your daily routine of Mondays.

In addition to these contents, I will also feature good software, that sometimes is free, and other times it's not but is worth spending the money it costs. Other exciting contents will be added to Hiperia3D News, that will be of the taste of all the lovers of 3D and virtual worlds.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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