Maps Of Second Life

Maps Of  Second Life is a new Flickr group created by Olivia Hotshot. Its purpose is to gather maps of Second Life of all kinds.

If you have an interesting map of SL, you can go there, join and share it. If you're looking for maps, join and watch all the ones that are added constantly since the creation of this group.

maps of second lifeOne of the maps. Photo by Olivia Hotshot 

This is a very useful initiative. There are not only maps of regions and islands, but also close-up maps of places and others that show some features of Second Life, like servers and other things.

The group has been just created, and in this moment has 26 members and 10 maps available. Go, join, spread the word and grow this resource with your own Second Life maps.

Visit Maps Of Second Life on Flickr.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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