Join Your SL Account With Myrl Using Myrl Connect

Myrl Connect is a lightweight application that allows you to link up your avatar with your Myrl web profile.

What will it do? This;

  • It will track how much time have you been online.
  • It will display where you are inworld.
  • It will also display where you are on your profile, so your Myrl friends will find you more easily.
  • It will tell other Myrl users when you are inworld.
  • You can be connected to Myrl and to a group at the same time.

There's a Myrl Connect application in project for every virtual worlds platform. For now, the ones for Second Life and are available here:

It is important for us to provide enough feedback for the Myrl Connect application by using it, as it will have more exciting features as time passes.

In Second Life, you just have to go here: 67/154/27


Once there, click the central pyramid table, and take the Myrl Gadget. Wear it in your avatar.

myrl connect 
Once worn, it will be seen as a pin in your clothes:

myrl social network

This picture shows one of the advantages of this gadget: you can be connected to another group and still be connected to Myrl. Here I am connected to Sun Developers Network and to Myrl.


And in your Myrl profile you can see it tracks you and links to where you are:

myrl bbc 

This may be very simple, but allows some people that visit your Myrl profile to track you inworld so you can get good opportunities to meet people that may be of your interest, both for professional or personal life.

Also, your friends can locate you even if they don't have the SL client software running.

And there are more features to come, that will surprise us as Myrl's developers work on these interesting gadgets.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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