Chisel: Optimize Your VRML Code

Chisel is a Java application that can optimize your VRML code. Optimizing is modifying the code so it runs faster and size of file is reduced without loosing quality.
For example, an unoptimized file can load 200 KB before Chisel acts, and 18 KB after, having the same visual appearance and running faster.

To do that, it removes unnecessary information, default fields, comments, merges shapes that are in fact together, etc.

Trapezium was the owner of Chisel, but they donated its source code, so now it's an opensource project. Chisel can be downloaded here:

A serious optimization of a VRML model should combine a code optimizer like Chisel, a geometry optimizer, hand code edition, and a careful and correct modeling of the shapes from the beginning.
This is too long to explain here, but I will publish an article with the technique I use in the future, so all the process is explained.

Don't forget to have a look to its manuals. At the beginning Chisel may seem hard, but it's easy once you know how it works. Of course, it has many options, but you only have to use some of them.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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