Carrara, Poser 7, DAZ3D Platinum Club 40-60% Off

DAZ3D is offering high savings on the render and building tool Carrara, and Poser7, for Platinum Club Members.

The following explanations are mostly as simplification, but I think that this is the best way to understand if you're not deeply in these issues.

carrara 7 coupons discount price

DAZ3D is a big community site and marketplace to sell and buy 3D models of high quality. With them, people can make renders, digital art, games, and other 3D stuff. You can buy through Paypal.

These products are mainly for hobbyists and professionals of 3D art and animation.

Most of their users use DAZ Studio, a freeware program to pose and render 3D models and environments. Others use Poser, that is a commercial solution for the same things.

The DAZ Platinum Club is a special membership. You don't have to belong to the Platinum Club to buy at DAZ, but if you join you get thousands of products for only $1.99 each. Every week, new products from the enormous marketplace are added to this offer.

Now the yearly membership has been reduced to $69.95. So now it's a good time to join the Platinum Club.

And in addition, now, the members of the Platinum Club can buy Carrara for half the price, and Poser7 for only $99.20. This is a very limited time offer.

In DAZ3D there are also free models, and new ones are added from time to time.

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