Where to sell your 3D models

Here you are some places in which you can sell the 3D models that you have built, and get some $ back for your effort.

The 3D Studio
The3dStudio.com is one of the most veteran and largest 3D resource sites on the Internet, in which you can buy and sell many kinds of things that every 3D modeler needs.

Renderosity is the ultimate resource for 3D artists. Here they can find all kinds of textures, 3D models, brushes for Photoshop...
The prices are cheap or reasonable, and the volume of traffic is high, so if you offer quality models you will surely get your reward.
The submissions are approved by hand, one by one, so all the content reaches high quality.

space photoshop brushes
Presto 3D
Presto3D is a marketplace for 3D models that was already reviewed here in Hiperia3D News, and has a great respect for creator's rights.

Flat Pyramid
It has 3D Models, Tutorials, 3D Plugins, 3D Software, Textures... And you can sell all these kind of things here.

Customers can purchase 3D Models, Flash Sources, Web Templates, Vector Art, Logos, Icons, Art Sources, Ebook, Mobile Contents, Software or any type of digital content. And you can publish your digital content of all these types and make money.

TurboSquid has over 1.5 million registered users, and a huge collection of 3D models, that have been downloaded more than 14 million times.

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