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I think we could start the new year sharing some good things that I've found while browsing, so this is better than just saying "happy New Year".

A 3D Desktop For Your PC
3DNA Makes possible for you to have a 3D desktop, that is like a virtual world with links to your applications. There is a freeware version and a paid version that is inexpensive (only $29.99).

3d desktop

Share Your 3D Models
3DVIA is a website in which you can share your 3D models under Creative Commons licenses. There are more than 6,000 models.

Chatbot That Learns
This site contains many chatbots that learn as you talk with them.

Reduce Firefox Memory Usage
This is an effective tutorial to reduce the use of RAM memory by Firefox while keeping the performance. I use it in all my computers. Follow it without making mistakes and you won't repent.

Cross-post Your Koinup Pictures To Flickr
If you are user of Koinup, you can follow this tutorial so when you upload pics there they are also automatically sent to FLickr.

Who Is Like Your Avatar?
Second Arts did an interesting experiment posting an avatar to a service that compares faces. Do the experiment with yours, and you'll get surprising results.

The 3D iPhone
MarketSaw already introduced us to some real 3D applications on the iPhone, and you should not miss this other revolutionary system to watch real 3D on the iPhone without any special glasses.

Paint Your 3D Models
This is a video tutorial that shows you how to paint the 3D models that you did with Shapeways.

Community For OpenLifeGrid
You should check this community for the enhance of the OpenLifeGrid, that is becoming an excellent resource: OpenLife Xchange.

Augmented Reality Video Playlist 
Gaby K. Benkwitz, Metaverse Evangelist, owns a very interesting augmented reality video playlist in YouTube. All of the videos are worth checking. Here's an example:

Online Whiteboard
Dabbleboard is a virtual whiteboard that requires no signup to test and is free. Fun to use. It allows online collaboration.

Philip Rosedale Talk
This is a 28 minutes talk in which Philip Rosedale shares his thoughts about virtual worlds and Second Life. I found it in Second Life Arts.

Process Explorer
This is a good tool for advanced users. It identifies running processes in your Windows PC better than the default, so you may know when a strange application like an adware or similar is running.

Twitter From Second Life
Use Twitter from inside Second Life using this great free script, that you can customize to your needs.

Second Life Map
This is a giant map of Second Life watched from the sky. You can zoom a bit just clicking a sector. It's fun to search for your home island.

Cooliris: 3D Web Gallery
Turns your browser into a 3D browsing machine, so you can explore photos and videos in a 3D gallery.

3d gallery 

Tutorials For Blender
I found this collection of excellent tutorials for Blender. If you like this application, don't miss the book by Alan Brito.

Why PS Home Makes The Difference
This article enumerates the reasons why someone may find attractive a platform like PS Home, plus links useful resources to read and watch more.

Just Leap In In Public Beta
Virtual Worlds News just published this. Here you are an opportunity to test this new platform and see if it fits your needs.

Myrl Connect
Myrl Connect is a lightweight application that allows you to link up your avatar with your Myrl web profile. Each Virtual World has a specific application. If you're in Myrl, don't hesitate to test it. If you're not... why? I can't believe it... Go, go, join now. And get the app here.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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Omind said...

3DVIA is kind of a showcase idea for their free software Shape 2.1, a Sketchup style program. You can join, then upload your work in a large variety of file types, the usuals, of course,(3DS & obj, and a variety of others like Sketchup files and VRML. You can download models if the creator allows and use them under the Creative Commons paramaters. A good way to get feedback on your work if you are learning.

I have been in Just Leap In for awhile now. The look is visually stunning. You can create your own space from one of their many templates and add objects that they have available. You can't upload your own content except for pictures, music and video files. You do need Firefox or IE7 or above to use it and it is a little laggy on weaker machines.

Jordi R Cardona said...

Thanks Omind for these informations.

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