Twinity Screenshot Tour

Twinity is growing day by day, and keeps a very active agenda of events, in which you can participate and take part in the virtual life of this universe.

Twinity purpose is to become a mirror world that simulates the real world, with sceneries that will eventually replicate all the biggest metropolis in the Earth.

These are some screenshots that I took while roaming through one of the welcome areas.

Don't hesitate and go to try Twinity. You'll find many things to do, and great opportunities to have fun with the many inhabitants of this virtual world.

Twinity is full of warm details

The entrance area uses to be full of newcomers, and is a great place to meet people 

The clouds and the sky 

Twinity client software can record video and take screenshots

Twinity_06Stunning effects of sunlight

Twinity_07Sun rays over us all, while looking at help screens

Twinity_08They felt much better when they saw that I was alive :)

Twinity_09The event calendar of Twinity uses to be full. You'll always have things to do

Twinity_10View of one of the buildings


-Jordi R. Cardona-

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