The Rebirth Of Lively

Lively, that has officially disappeared, has returned, in the shape of a Newlively.

I knew this through Len Bullard's blog. Lively users may be happy because some people have created a Lively clone, that tries to be as much similar to it as possible.

Not sure of the legal implications that this may have, or if Google may be against this (Newlively may have to change their name, logo and colors in some future), but for now this is a great news for Lively users.

In their FAQ, they say:

(...) "we have only achieved implementing the main functions of Lively. These functions enable users to create their own rooms, to purchase household furniture to decorate their rooms, to choose an avatar and to change their clothes" (....)

It seems that these are days of rebirths, first the Blaxxun Outers, and now Lively.

So here it is:

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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