ReactionGrid And Their Retro Fright Nigths

ReactionGrid is an OpenSim grid. For those not familiar with OpenSim, it is similar to Second Life.

ReactionGrid is having a big growth in the last times, and uses to host many events for businesses and software developers.

But for all publics, they also host the Retro Fright Night, a very fun event that consists in watching movies together in-world, and throwing tomatoes at the screen and making comments.

The next movie will be House on Haunted Hill (1959), with Vincent Price, and will be on ReactionGrid - Tarzan Sim. Check the event on the Association of Virtual Worlds:

It will be on Saturday Jan 31 on ReactionGid Tarzan Sim 4pm PST - 7pm EST - Midnight GMT.

If you are on the Association of Virtual Worlds, don't hesitate to join ReactionGridizens, the group for all the citizens of ReactionGrid:

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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Omind said...

The best way to get to ReactionGrid is through Hippo OpenSim. It is a free and open Source browser for SL (Second Life) type grids and is much easier than the old method of modifying a SL shortcut.
Get it at:

I have info and screen shots at:

Jordi R Cardona said...

Yes, I recommend the article you did, probably the best way to do it, here's your link re-posted:

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