Nurien Software Secures Additional $10M in Series A-1 Funding

Nurien Software, a leading developer and operator of social networking and online gaming services, today announced that it has closed US$10 million in Series A-1 funding from four leading U.S. and China VC firms: Northern Light Venture Capital (NLVC), Globespan Capital Partners, New Enterprise Associates (NEA), and QiMing Venture Partners.

Nurien will use the funds to advance the development of its unique social networking platform and to expand its online gaming offerings. In a new category of social networking services, Nurien’s platform allows users to express themselves and interact with each other like never before. Users can create one-of-a-kind 3D avatars and objects, share photos, videos and messages; and also participate in social applications created by Nurien including Mstar (music and dance game), Runway (fashion show application), and QuizStar (casual online game) all within their own 3D rooms. Launches are planned for international markets in 2009.

"We’ve seen great responses from beta users over the past few months, longer log-in times and a perfect balance of female and male players unseen on most other platforms.
We’re excited to be moving into 2009 with backing and support from such top-tier investors. With the funding, we’ll be able to perfect our platform and bring on more content, game and customization features in the next year.(...)
Nurien is in a unique position to revolutionize social networking as we know it today. We’re excited going into 2009."

Taehoon Kim, co-founder of Nurien Software.

Nurien is a new virtual worlds platform that makes intensive use of Nvidia Geforce 8 Series to show stunning avatars, animation and graphics.

Founded in 2005, Nurien Software is a leading developer and operator of next-generation social networking services and online game service platforms. Nurien Software enables users to truly express their individual identities by offering powerful user-created 3D objects and avatars that interact and network amongst each other via virtual worlds and the web. Additional information about Nurien Software can be obtained at

Here's a promotional video of Nurien:

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fabricator said...

Nice to see someone having fun with the avatars for a change, instead of making the same old thing over and over. Shame about the idle gesture being stand like a statue.

Ah I see, the target market is Korea. Oh btw the gtx 280 video card mentioned, is one of NVIDIA's high end and expensive cards.

Jordi R Cardona said...

Yes those cards are expensive and high end, but as technologies change so fast, I suppose that they can become the average video cards in few years.

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