News Machine Gun: OpenSims List, Zork Returns, And More

Brainstorming Tool In OpenSim
Virtual Worlds News has published a very interesting article about the use of OpenSim for Brainstorming. Here you can see a video showing the analyzed tool:

Make your themes for iGoogle
Now you can have iGoogle customized with your image and colors. Google Operating System has published an article that is worth reading on editors to customize iGoogle. Anyway, you can also use the default tool.

Openlife will have currency
Openlife, alternative to Second Life, will also have a currency. Read it on MetaverseJournal.

List of OpenSims
With the emergence of so many OpenSim grids, we may need a list to find them all. Here's one, maintained by Mo Hax, and that will be worth following, as he will update it constantly to keep track of the existing OpenSim grids.

Moondus video preview
This is a video-preview of Moondus 3D TLC, the new Immersive Internet Platform for Training, Learning & Collaboration, that has been published recently. Definitively worth watching if you're on these issues.

Zork Returns
The old adventure game returns as a browser-based MMO. Read this article, and visit the game's website to sign for the beta.

Kambi VRML Game engine
Kambi VRML Game Engine continues improving and now includes demos for ambient occlusion and shadow fields in the engine sources. If you didn't, have a look to our interview to its creator and look the screenshots and videos.

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