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Biturn is a lightweight tool for viewing 3D models in many popular file formats like OBJ and LWO, DirectX, and many others like Milkshape, Truespace, Rhinoceros, Blitz3D, Halflife, Quake...

Sometimes one needs a fast way to preview and browse your 3D models. This little freeware program is a good solution for visualization and conversion.

Biturn is free, and you can get it here. It can also convert between formats, and rotate and zoo the object to watch it better.

Biturn has solved my needs of a lightweight 3D viewer for my OBJ models, and is really simple to use.

Here's a screenshot of Biturn showing one of the fishes of Toucan Virtual Museum:

biturn free 3d model viewer obj 3ds

Of course, there may be other alternatives, some free and others commercial and affordable. Feel free to suggest yours.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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