Compare Suite: Files And Folders Comparison Tool

One common task that most of us need to do is to compare the content of files and folders, to know what was added or modified, when, and how. Compare Suite is a software that helps you to do this.

The usefulness of this kind of applications is proved, for example to compare a backup copy of a folder of previous versions of the software that you're developing or a previously stored version of your website. The application can compare these folders and show the differences visually, if there's some.

For programmers and webmasters, this is a very useful utility, but also for designers, and for everyone that uses to save copies of his/her work and want to know what was added or changed.

Compare Suite supports lots of file formats, such as Rich Text Format, Rar, Pascal files... It can also compare open office documents (Word, Excel, etc), and many more.

And now, in version 6.0, it can also synchronize directories. Synchronization is useful when you have a folder for backups that you want to update often: just run Compare Suite to do this, and save time and work.
Folder synchronization can also be configured to merge the different contents , not only synchronize.


It is specially useful to activate the background coloring for folder comparison, so you can notice the changes quickly. In addition, a different icon is shown for modified or deleted (or non existent) files or folders.

folder comparison

Another feature: document audit, that can be configured  to choose what changes will be applied or not, in plain text files.

File comparison can be done by different criteria, for example, by keywords used, or by characters or words.

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