A Bunch Of Brainy Sites

These are sites that are named "brainy" because they make you think about things that are unusual, exciting, or just plain fun for all those who enjoy squeezing their brain mass. These are my top 5:

A VR Geek Blog: This blog shows the experience of its author testing, using and geeking with virtual reality gadgets and machines. A real vision of virtual reality from inside.

VRoot: A blog that focuses strongly in virtual reality and brings you the most geeky news about it, so you read the vanguard in these technologies.

TerraNova: A really brainy site whose main virtue is to provoke debate amongst its readers and collaborators. All those who publish articles there are very reputed people in the virtual worlds and multiuser games business.

Enlighten3D: An expert blog on the topic of computer vision and 3D graphics, always full with thrilling articles that will make you think.

RealityPrime: Avi Bar-Zeev has sixteen years professional experience in 3D entertainment and visual simulation, and blogs his reflections about many interesting topics, enlightening our minds.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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