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Montreal, Quebec; January 28, 2009 – Spread 3D art across the internet: having become the destination site for 3D artists looking to show off their artwork in 3D, Presto3D.com extends these frontiers by allowing 3D previews to be embedded anywhere on the web. 

Like on YouTube or many other websites, anyone can embed a preview of a 3D model on any website or blog.  The preview will appear just as it does on Presto3D.com, and contain links back to other work by that artist.

“This will be an excellent tool for 3D artists to get their work out there, across the web. Artists can show off their 3D artwork in 3D on their personal pages, and have a direct link to where interested clients can buy their work.”
-Joshua Koopferstock, Marketing Coordinator of Feeling Software

The new embedding feature is available in the latest update to Presto3D.com, released today.  An example of an embedded preview can be seen at www.ENLIGHTEN3D.com.  Artists may choose whether or not to allow previews of their models to be embedded.

Presto3D can be visited at www.presto3d.com.

About Presto3D.com:

Presto3D.com is a marketplace for digital 3D models.  Models can be submitted for sale by anyone, and are sold royalty free, with the artist earning a commission on each sale.

About Feeling Software:

Feeling Software, founded by brothers Christian and Guillaume Laforte in 2005, is specialized in 3D graphics software and computer vision.  Prior to creating Presto3D, Feeling Software completed contracts for industry leaders such as Google, Adobe, and Sony in the field of 3D graphics.


-Jordi R. Cardona-

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