Tech Gadget: Exclusive Flip Mino HD Video Cameras

335156432v5_240x240_Front_Color-White Flip Mino HD is the smallest HD video camera in the world. This means that this new gadget can record your favorite memories in high definition video that can be displayed in panoramic widescreen TV.

Flip Mino HD can record high definition video (HD) that is 1280x720 pixels, with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It's like what you see on Digital Television and cinema movies.
It is the smallest HD camcorder in the world, as it is only 3.94'' high, 1.97'' wide and 0.63'' deep, and weights only 3.3oz. 

The back of the device has buttons to replay and browse the videos, a built-in speaker and a LCD screen in which you can preview the videos.

This is a device that can be useful for many people:
  • To create movies for personal or professional use, in High Definition format.
  • To get high quality videos that can be directly uploaded to video services like YouTube and others.
  • As an alternative of buying a video camera or a photo camera, as it is less expensive than most of them and in addition provides extra functions that make it more interesting for many of us.

combo_final_2Some of the designs by Emma Alvarez

You can record videos in low light conditions, as light sensitivity and black and white levels are adjusted automatically, so the quality of image is stunning.
The camera has also a microphone that records to MP4 (AAC). It can record up to 60 minutes to a memory of 4 Gigabytes and has an internal battery that lasts for 2 hours of continuous use, and turns itself off when not in use so it lasts much longer.


Some of the designs by Emma Alvarez

Flip Mino HD has a USB connector that is used to charge its battery and for communication with your computer. It also includes a software that will allow you to upload your videos to YouTube, AOL Video, MySpace, and other websites. You can also send videos by email, edit your creations, save snapshots of your video as a photo, add music, organize your videos... You can even make an entire movie with Flip Mino HD combining the videos that you recorded, adding titles, music and credits.


There's also a minor (and cheaper) version of Flip Mino HD called "Flip Mino" (without the HD), that produces VGA movies of lesser size (VGA 640 x 480). The advantages of this version is that the edition program has less requirements, and the battery lasts longer. Although the movies of the non-HD version are not so bright, the quality of the videos is also remarkable.


Some of the designs by Emma Alvarez

Now, if you find Flip Mino HD interesting, you can have it skinned with exclusive designs.
Emma Alvarez, worldwide known designer and digital artist
, has released a new line of Flip Mino and Flip Mino HD devices. They are unique, beautified with designs that you can't find in any other place.
For the same price, you can get a camcorder that is different from all the others and has a visual appeal that stands out of the rest.

The ones you see illustrating this article are some of the designs available, but be sure to check the others on her  online store: Emma Alvarez Shop's Flip Mino Designs.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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