Ridiculous Prices On Real 3D Gadgets On Offer For Christmas

eDimensional is a hardware company that is focused on products that are appealing for people like us, who love 3D and virtual reality. This Christmas, they are lowering their prices so you can buy high quality products at a very cheap cost.

Here you are cheap hardware for watching your videos and games, and even the TV shows in REAL 3D. There's also a gamepad that senses your movements, perfect for immersion in 3D shooters.

I have selected some interesting products for you to check and think if you want one of them for Christmas gift, for you or someone else.

3DPlus 2D to 3D DVD Software

 3DPlus 2D to 3D DVD Software: This is a software, for use with the eDimensional Glasses, that allows you to convert normal DVD movies into real-time full screen 3D on the fly. That way you can watch any video or movie in real 3D. Cost: $39.95  Now $29.95

Wireless G-Pad Pro Motion Sensing Gamepad

Wireless G-Pad Pro Motion Sensing Gamepad: The G-Pad Pro is the world's only motion sensing gamepad with built-in rumble.

In addition, it has all the features that you want to find in a gamepad. For PC, PS2, and PS3, with an adapter, available just for $2 more.
Cost: $39.95 Now $19.95

VirtualFX 3D TV Converter

VirtualFX 3D TV Converter: Convert a standard 2D video image into a true, 3D rendering. What this means is that you can now watch virtually all of your favorite TV shows and sporting events, your entire collection of VHS and DVD movies, your entire library of home videos and play every video game you have ever owned - and do it ALL in real 3D.
Cost: $99.95  Now $79.95

There are other awesome products in eDimensional, but these are the items that are now a good opportunity for you to get a high tech gadget, and get an unique hardware that is really hard to find for the same price than a vulgar video card, a normal gamepad, or a cheap dvd player.

-Jordi R. Cardona-

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