RealXtend: Open Source Virtual Worlds Platform

realXtend is a free open source virtual world platform with which you can create your own applications using it as a base.

There are 2 main products in this platform:

  • The realXtend viewer, that is GPL licensed.
  • The server, that is BSD licensed, and is based on the open source OpenSim server software.

The server has a sample virtual world that you can use as it is, or you can modify it to suit your needs. realXtend also offers free, high-quality content for your own worlds.

They're providing this for free in the belief that "the true value of the interconnected 3D worlds is in the applications, not the platform".

Present features:

  • OGRE rendering
  • Particle effects
  • 3D objects, lights and shadows
  • Integrating web pages within virtual worlds
  • Desktop application sharing (VNC) to share your applications with other users
  • Voice chat
  • Scriptable teleports between worlds
  • Second life compatibility mode for use in SL and Opensim worlds
  • Sprites
  • Address field in client login screen to select world
  • Python scripting to make your own applications
  • Free-form non-humanoid avatars
  • Avatar generator to import your own avatar design and modify your appearance
  • Avatar attachment tool to help set objects to your avatar
  • Unlimited amount of attachments
  • Teleports between realXtend and SecondLife
  • Media library for world builders

Roadmapped features:

  • Direct3D rendering for better performance
  • Support for OGG Vorbis
  • Support for video (other than quicktime)
  • Avatar generator and attachment tool integration to rexViewer
  • OGRE materials support
  • Improvements to in-world building tools
  • Weather support
  • Integration with skype/google spreadsheets/openoffice
  • Avatar face/head animation based on live video camera data
  • Lip synch for VOIP
  • Clothing physics
  • Vehicles support

Here you are a video that shows an overview of realXtend:

And here's another that shows an avatar customization process:

Now, some additional links for your investigation:

Developer Community:


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Santos Carrion - WBandD ID: Tito said...

Wow, this RealXtend sounds like it's that! Now, I have not tried it yet, but for what I have read so far here and on their website, they seem to have done their home work as far as what many people wanted on a 3D chat platform. And the few things that really caught my attention is the full, across the board artistic control the author can have, and the mentioned game, physics and special effects one can use on their worlds. That's all I am going to say for now, until I can download the realXtend applications and test them out properly. With that said, the one thing that has me scratching my head is the file sizes of the applications. 86mb for the viewer? 70mb for the server? Is it me, or are those files a bit big for a 3D chat platform? Anyway, after I check them out, I will return and give an update on this comment, whenever that might be.

Jordi R Cardona said...

Yes but I think it is justified because the platform seems very feature-rich.

I don't think 86mb is too much for nowadays, that most of Internet users have a DSL connection, and it only takes some minutes to download.
In addition, you just download the client once, so where's the problem with client software size?

Customers or users will download a big client software as long as it provides enough interest to test and try it.

peterquirk said...

RealXtend is very cool, and it will make OpenSim extremely attractive when the realXtend functionality is folded into a regionmodule for OpenSim. (Adam Frisby has done a lot of work on this recently.)

To get a sense for a few of the unique capabilities that realXtend offers, check out my recent posts on on importing meshed models from Sketchup, creating mirrors and overhead projectors and using Python scripts to retrieve complex configuration data from the per-object data panel.

Jordi R Cardona said...

Wow, very nice content on your site.
I would like to know some details on the bandwidth and resources usage of the server, and also if additional file formats could be used for models (for example x3d), or if support for these could be implemented.

Jordi R Cardona said...

I post the link to your site again with link:

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