Realtime Arts Formed to Serve Virtual Worlds and Visual Simulation Industries

Realtime Arts, a creative agency providing professional computer graphics production and training services, announced on December 15, 2008, its formation as a limited liability company (LLC). The agency serves the virtual worlds, serious games and visual simulation industries. These serious applications leverage high-performance interactive 3D computer graphics technology, similar to that used in the latest video games.


The company was formed in San Francisco by two individuals, Christian Greuel and Aaron F. Ross, for the purposes of building a world-class digital content creation studio and providing instruction in the skills of the trade.

“We believe that our unique combination of production and training offerings places our customers in a position to benefit from the current economic conditions.
By working with remote teams, we offer our production clients excellent value. At the same time, we are helping to train creative individuals around the world who desire to improve upon their existing skill sets, without the need for increasingly expensive travel.”
-Christian Greuel, President of Realtime Arts.

Realtime Arts' initial clients as an LLC include software developer Blue Newt Software and graphics hardware giant NVIDIA®. The company is currently in discussions with key platform, development and training partners, with the intention of securing a leading market position. Announcements on this topic are expected to be released in early 2009.

Greuel is an artist and producer with 15 years of experience in the field of interactive 3D computer graphics. He has previously held positions with Timeless Cities (VP Production), Planet 9 Studios, LEGO®, and virtual reality pioneer Fakespace Labs.

Ross, who serves as the Director of Training, is an Autodesk® Certified Instructor for Maya® and is the author of three books on 3ds Max® animation software. He has nearly a decade of experience teaching college courses in 3D computer animation, video production, and audio.

Both Greuel and Ross hold Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degrees from the California Institute of the Arts®, the interdisciplinary art school created by Walt Disney.

Production services offered by Realtime Arts include 3D modeling and animation, programming, scripting, project management, concept development, and design documentation. Particular expertise is offered in urban simulation, geo-referenced terrain, and CAD format conversions. The company's production pipeline utilizes open formats such as COLLADA™ and X3D™, preferred by a growing number of 3D rendering engines and virtual world platform, such as Forterra OLIVE™, Multiverse, Wonderland, Qwaq Forums, and the Xj3D Toolkit.

Training offerings include customized courses in digital content creation and design visualization. Classes draw upon real-world knowledge gained in actual production environments and are taught in either of the leading 3D graphics packages, 3ds Max or Maya. Realtime Arts supports training for a wide range of disciplines and industry specializations such as animation, architecture, games, geospatial, graphic design, industrial, scientific, virtual worlds, visual effects, and visual simulation.

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