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As a Netbeans Community Partner, Hiperia3D News is proud to announce and offer you a list of news and resources for Netbeans IDE 6.5, so you get a good introductory knowledge and a general view of its potential.

Netbeans IDE 6.5 is available for download, and can help you in rapid development of applications for the web (including JavaFX apps), and for the desktop. Now you can program in many languages, including PHP, JavaScript, Java, C/C++, Ruby, and Groovy. Start by looking at these links:

Java highlights include: built-in support for Hibernate, Eclipse project import, and compile on save.
A good list of non-Java improvements can be read here.


Training Screencasts And Videos

Intro To Netbeans 6.5
Introduction on how to edit, compile and run Java programs, and how to use the IDE's productivity features.

Building a Flickr Slideshow with PHP
Building a simple application to access Flickr through PHP. You will then see how to turn your Flickr images into a simple slideshow using JavaScript and CSS.

Database Support Improvements in Netbeans 6.5
Enhancements to database support in NetBeans 6.5, such as support for the Sakila database, improved support for MySQL, improvements to the SQL Editor, SQL code completion...

Working with JavaScript Toolkits in NetBeans IDE 6.5
How to work with JavaScript toolkits in the IDE, in two parts. The first part shows how to add a toolkit that is registered with the IDE to a project; the second part shows how to register a new toolkit with the IDE.

PHP Support in NetBeans 6.5 (Part I & 2)
In the first part of this new screencast series focused on NetBeans IDE 6.5 for PHP, you will learn about PHP project and run configurations. The second part is about basic editor features.

JavaFX MediaPlayer
Learn how to use NetBeans IDE 6.5 to create a media player in JavaFX.

Netbeans 6.5 Tutorials

Debugging Multithreaded Applications in NetBeans IDE
How to use the Debugging window in NetBeans IDE 6.5 to debug multithreaded applications.

Introduction to Ajax for PHP Web Applications
Learn about basic Ajax functionality while building a simple application that employs auto-completion in a text field.

Importing Eclipse Projects into NetBeans IDE
Now you can import your existing Eclipse Projects to Netbeans and this way migrate to Netbeans or make easier to share projects with developers that use that other IDE.

Create & Import a JavaBean Component in NetBeans IDE
A two parts tutorial on how to create, import and use your new JavaBean component in the NetBeans Swing GUI Builder.

JavaScript Debugger User's Guide for NetBeans IDE 6.5
Demonstration on how to debug JavaScript functionality in web applications using the NetBeans IDE 6.5 debugger.


JavaFX is a new scripting language that is optimized for graphical effects and multimedia, and for building internet applications with simplicity -rich internet applications (RIAs) -.

JavaFX apps can run within or outside the browser. It is possible to drag and drop them from your browser to your desktop.

The NetBeans IDE is the recommended tool to create, test, debug, and deploy JavaFX applications for the desktop, browser and mobile platforms. You have the option of deploying JavaFX projects as Java web start (JNLP), Java Applet or stand-alone applications.

A mobile emulator is included to preview mobile applications. There's also a JavaFX Production Suite that can speed up your work with your designer. The designer can make a sketch of the GUI, and the programmer can start coding on it, while the designer continues his work. At the end, they join their products together.

Here's the downloads for JavaFX for Mac and Windows. For Linux, follow this and this articles.

You can download Netbeans 6.5 for JavaFX from the JavaFX page, or from here.

Don't forget to visit the NetBeans IDE for JavaFX Developer Center, and learn about what you can do with the NetBeans IDE and JavaFX through tutorials and documentation.

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Netbeans Podcast

Don't miss the Netbeans Podcast, download and listen to it in your mp3 player.  Episode 48 is specially centered on Netbeans IDE 6.5 release.

Blog About NetBeans

In addition to share your thoughts on Netbean's mailing lists and forums, you can blog about NetBeans and add your blog to Planet NetBeans, so you get additional exposure and spread your mastery.

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